Becca in Kenya: the Saikeri Series, Pt. 2

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Becca in Kenya: the Saikeri Series, Pt. 2
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Good and Bad News Here in Kenya

by Rebecca Fortney (dated June 4, 2014)

My first day back in Kenya was a whirlwind of good and bad news. The good news: we have a Korean company that is drilling for water and putting in solar panels! This is awesome news indeed. Also, a few of my friends (who I haven’t seen since last summer) have new babies. One of the babies is my friend’s sixth (and she is only 30 years old)! The roads are in amazing condition, although this is due to an unfortunate reason; Saikeri did not have a very much rain this year. Last year, the roads were washed out, but this year they are wonderful! Now on to the bad news: my two host mums are no longer speaking to each other. Cecelia even calls Maggie her enemy. This will be very hard on me, not to mention the community as a whole; Cecelia and Maggie both play such large roles in helping with the development of the community. Needless to say, their disagreement and “silent treatment” makes me very nervous. So, we will see what I encounter tomorrow.


Learn more about Montana Maasai Outreach here and stay tuned because Becca plans to keep SCIWHF updated on her work in Kenya with videos, photographs, and journal entries. We’ll be sharing it all with you, too.

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